Let's Be Friends!

Hi, I'm Bailey! I am a wife to the most amazing man who always supports me. He has been my encouragement, my support, and my partner-in-crime since 2009. Married in 2012. We make life fun in all sorts of circumstances, even when it isn't so fun.

Tampa Bay is my home, but I love to travel, so if you are not in the area reach out. I'd love to make art with you. I love both the beach and the mountains, so I can't pick my favorite vacation. I'm so torn. But my most recent was a cruise to the Bahamas. It was my 4th cruise and my husbands first.

I love going to the beach. It is so peaceful to me. A place that relieves stress for me. It is a good thing I only live 20 minutes away.

I love everything Disney. Disney movies and Walt Disney World. I am a current pass holder and go as often as I can.

I love capturing emotion and the little in between moments of life in my art. It is a passion of mine.

I'm a planner. I love making 'To Do' list and crossing off my tasks and making a game plan on how to get everything done.

I absolutely love the sound of a thunderstorm. It is my favorite sound. Where I live, there are normally thunderstorms every afternoon, which makes me happy. ​

I don't like coffee or sweet tea. However, I do like fruity tea. Raspberry tea is my favorite.

Oh! and teal is my favorite color. Really anything from mint green to turquoise.

Most importantly, I try to love like Christ loves me. Without Him, I wouldn't be where I am today doing what I love.