Fort Desoto Beach Couple's Session I St. Petersburg, Florida


Danielle and Andrew scheduled this couple’s session at Fort Desoto beach to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. A beautifully breezy day with a gorgeous sunset and dusk colors, it was so much fun photographing them and celebrating their love for each other.

Beach Family Portraits I Fort Desoto Beach, St. Petersburg, FL


This is a very adventurous family. They love to be outside and explore nature. The girls love drawing, riding horses, playing lacrosse, and reading. They have been in Florida for 14 years but recently relocated. They loved Florida’s weather and the beaches here, and now they'll always have these photos to remember it by!

Digital Preservation: How to Safeguard Your Photos from Technology Failures (to the Extent Possible)


Have you ever experienced that moment of panic when you turn on your device only to be met with silence? The stubbornly blank screen stares through you as the seconds drag into an eternity. Have you just lost everything? Mentally flipping through the contents, your heart stops as you recall the photo of your oldest’s first steps; that quirky smile with the cheeks you may never see again… did you have that somewhere else? Anywhere el— a soft whir and the dead screen blinks to life, and you fumble to the file, forgetting your original mission. Only when those bright eyes and triumphant smile beam back at do you feel your gut unclench as the world returns to an uneasy status quo. Nothing is lost…this time.